Meet the gang

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Jester is a fresh, new rock band that resembles alternative rock greats like The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. They joined together in early 2017 and came out with their new singles “Cool Off” and “Slip Back.” The band has been playing locally in the Athens and Atlanta area for the past year an a half.

Jester sitting up against wall

The band is comprised of Andrew Wilson (vocals and strings), Tommy Trautwein (vocals, strings, and keys), Clay Milling (tubs), and Hayden Busch (Fender bass).
Jester’s latest EP, Not Coming Home, is out on all streaming services now. The four song compilation portrays the various colors and influences of the members of Jester. The songs range from fun, high energy to emotionally driven rock. Although the songs show diversity the band still stays true to its alternative roots. Jester has songs that any music lover can enjoy, so throw on some Jester and see for yourself why people can’t get enough of this band.
Jester standing in stairway